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School Gardening Competition

School Gardening Competition 2017

Sponsored by Elanco and Food For Thought (Liverpool)


1st Prize: £150

2nd Prize: £100

3rd Prize: £75

4th Prize: £25


We had some fantastic entries for this competition, and I now have the pleasure of announcing the four winners.


In fourth place, winning the £25 voucher, is St. Paul's Catholic Junior School, West Derby.  Teacher Paul O'Callaghan leads a very successful school gardening club, which has submitted plans to expand their growing area in 2018.


In third place, winning the £75 voucher, is Norman Pannell Primary School, Netherley.  The Friday lunch-time gardening club, led by Year 6 teacher Gayle Threadgill, submitted plans to develop the school nursery growing area, so the school will then have three plots for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs.  They plan to buy more tools to carry out the work.


In second place, winning the £100 voucher, is Palmerston School.  Having recently moved to their new site in Aigburth, teacher Mary Honess has submitted plans to create a new growing area close to the kitchen, so chef Neil Chedotal can incorporate the produce that pupils grow into healthy school meals.  Following all the work to build the school, the site is full of building waste, so the club would like to clear it and install raised beds for use by all pupils. 


And finally, the winner of the £150 voucher is...........Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, in the city centre, whose club is led by teacher Jo Hodges.  Their last-minute entry knocked Palmerston off the top spot, with a video submission, accompanied by a plan of the garden and a lengthy description of their proposal for a Remarkable Rainbow Revolution Garden.  Their plans include a rainbow mural and a water feature, to create a relaxing, therapeutic ambience, which can be enjoyed by all the pupils of their school!


Congratulations to all of the above!!!!


Each winner is now invited to contact me by email, to confirm which gardening equipment supplier they would like their vouchers from.  All vouchers will be purchased by Food For Thought, using money very kindly donated by Elanco (Speke), and given to schools before the end of November.


Thank you to all schools which entered.