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Bara Brith


In celebration of the upcoming St David's Day and all things Welsh the lucky children in FFT Schools will be trying a range of nationally recognised dishes such as Cawl (traditional lamb stew) and Welsh Rarebit.  This lovely fruit loaf is delicious on a cold day spread with salted butter and served with a hot cup of tea!




450g Self Raising Flour

100g Butter

1 Tsp Mixed Spice

1 Free Range Egg

150ml Fresh Orange Juice

1 tsp Orange Zest

1 tbsp Honey (Plus some to glaze after cooking)

450g Mixed Fruit

4000ml Cold Black Tea



  1. Make black tea using two tea bags
  2. Pour over mixed dried fruit and orange zest, leave over night to soak
  3. Mix together whisked egg, margarine, honey and orange juice
  4. Add to tea soaked fruit and zest
  5. Add flour with mixed spice and mix well until a cake batter is formed with a ‘dropping’ consistency
  6. Grease the loaf tins with margarine
  7. Add the cake mixture up to 2/3 of the way up the tins
  8. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 160˚C for 1 ¼ hours – Cover with tin foil half way through to prevent the mixture over colouring
  9. To check if its cooked, using a skewer should come out clean
  10. Allow to cool slightly in the tin before drizzling with honey and allow to cool fully
  11. Slice into 1 cm thick pieces and spread with salted butter