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New Head Chef Post at St.Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary School

St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary School

Chelwood Avenue


L16 2LN






This is a key appointment for the school and we are looking for a suitably qualified Head Chef to lead a very busy and demanding kitchen. The potential to develop this role and the catering service at the school is exciting and, for the right candidate, this will be a very rewarding role.


35 Hours per week

Liverpool City Council Pass Scheme Grade 6

£21.067-£23,188 (pro-rata)


For an application form, Job Description and Person Specification please contact Mrs P Leahey at  All applications must be submitted to Mrs P Leahey by: Friday 9th May, by 12 noon. Interviews will take place on Monday 12th May followed by a practical activity which will take place on an agreed date.


The post is subject to an Enhanced DBS check and also a six-month probationary period.



Job Description




Head Chef



18k to 20k




35 Hours per week - 39 weeks (term-time only)




To manage effective delivery of all catering services at the school.


Head Teacher and School Governors.




Headteacher & Food for Thought Ltd. as the school meals provider.




To ensure a duty of care at all times to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils
To work within the School’s Health and Safety policy to ensure a safe working environment for all pupils, staff and visitors.
To work within the School’s Equal Opportunities policies to promote equality of opportunities for all students and staff.
To maintain high professional standards of attendance, punctuality, appearance, conduct and courteous, positive relations with students, parents, colleagues and visitors.
To actively engage with the performance management process and continue with personal and professional development.
To adhere to St. Paschal Baylon School policies and procedures as set out in the staff handbook and other documentation available.



To plan, prepare & cook a variety of meals to meet the dietary needs and current (September 2013) nutritional targets set by the Government’s School Food Trust (September 2008) for all school children. To plan and deliver a healthy and varied menu in conjunction with the school’s Head teacher/governing body, pupils and Food for Thought
To develop additional dishes to complement existing menus. To respect and maintain the highest standard of food preparation in line with the standards of food quality and service set in FFT Kitchens.
To manage and direct all elements of menu delivery across the St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary School working in partnership with FFT.
To work consistently with the schools and their pupils to regularly increase the uptake of school meals/after-school catering.
To ensure that queues during lunchtimes are reduced to a minimum by introducing various, imaginative and innovative ideas for the service.
To organise, plan and deliver imaginative and exciting cookery classes for the pupils of St. Paschal Baylon School.
To reduce all food waste and to manage all aspects of catering and staffing in the most cost-effective methods of professional catering.
To make meal times a pleasing and pleasant experience for all children.
To manage all catering staff in the delivery of an outstanding catering service for the school, acting as their line manager and contributing to
To follow a cleaning schedule that ensures a high standard of cleanliness complying with Health & Safety Procedures, Food Safety Act (1990) & Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.
To liaise with each school, FFT, or any assigned Practitioner regarding issues of maintaining food hygiene actions and Health & safety requirements and to plan and implement food safety systems.
To be responsible for maintaining safety standards within the kitchen area together with those safety standards affecting all kitchen staff.
To be responsible for stock control and to carry out a  minimum of once weekly stock checks and to ensure that food stock is not wasted. To vary menus in accordance with fresh food stock available to ensure that no food is wasted.
To be responsible for kitchen equipment, tools and materials including participation in monthly inventory checks with the school and Food for Thought.
To be responsible for ordering / purchasing food supplies and essential equipment in consultation with the school and Food for Thought.
To maintain daily written records relating to storage temperatures of food products. To maintain all documents and records as determined by the Food Standards Agency, all other legal requirements and instructions that may be issued by either the Headteacher or FFT.
To maintain appropriate budget records & remain within an allocated budget. To take all necessary steps to keep food costs within the primary school budget line of 60-65p per child as determined by the School Food Trust and the Government.
To ensure accurate costings for all menu items.
To cater for special occasions including, parties, guests or visitors at or to the schools as may be requested by the Headteacher, their representatives or FFT.
To provide hospitality catering for the schools as may be requested by the Headteacher, their representatives or FFT.
To liaise with community representatives in the planning and delivery of community and external events
To liaise with all appropriate bodies i.e. the School Food Trust, NHS, Childrens’ Services etc. amongst others to determine views or current research on healthy eating options for all school children.
To work with FFT and its family of schools to ensure that each school meals service continues to develop and improve its service to every child.
To complete all necessary documentation as required by the school and FFT.
To meet with Headteacher and other school staff half-termly and school council when appropriate.
To provide termly reports to the Headteacher and governing body
To facilitate training of kitchen staff when necessary
Hold weekly meetings with kitchen staff using the school’s policy of What Went Well (WWW) and Even Better If (EBI).




In the performance of the duties outlined in this Job Description, the post-holder may have access to confidential information relating to all staff and pupils.  They may also have access to information relating to the school.  All such information from any source is to be regarded as strictly confidential

Information relating to staff and pupils or the business of the schools may only be divulged to authorised persons in accordance with the school policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and the protection of personal and sensitive data.
Ensuring compliance with the data protection legislation.

Health & Safety:

The post-holder will assist in promoting and maintaining their own and others’ health, safety and security as defined in the School’s Health & Safety Policy, to include:


Using safe working practice guidelines within the workplace
Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks
Making effective use of training to update knowledge and skills
Maintaining work areas in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards
Reporting potential risks identified.

Personal/Professional Development:



The post-holder will participate in any training programme implemented by the schools as part of this employment, such training to include:


To take part in the school’s mandatory training which includes First Aid and Child Protection

Participation in an annual individual performance review, including taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal and/or professional development
Taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others that are undertaking similar work.
To seek support and guidance for your training and development needs from the Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher.




The post-holder will strive to maintain quality within the school and will:


Alert other staff members to issues of quality and risk
Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions, either directly or under supervision
Contribute to the effectiveness of their meals service by reflecting and making suggestions on ways to improve and enhance the kitchen and dining room performance
Effectively manage own time, workload and resources.

Other Specific Duties:

To ensure a duty of care at all times to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils.
Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task undertaken may not be identified.
Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from management to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description.
Employees are expected to be courteous to colleagues and provide a welcoming environment to visitors and telephone callers.
The schools will endeavour to make any necessary reasonable adjustments to the job and the working environment to enable access to employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment for any employee who develops a disabling condition.


Conditions of Employment

The post holder is required:

To support and encourage the catholic ethos of the school and its objectives, policies and procedures, as agreed by the Governing body.
To uphold the school policy in respect of child protection matters.

The post holder shall be subject to the National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service supplemented by local conditions as appropriate and all relevant statutory and institutional requirements.
At all times operating with the school Equal Opportunities Framework.
This post is subject to Enhanced DBS Disclosure

This job description is current at the date shown, however, in consultation with you, this may be changed by the Headteacher to reflect or anticipate changes in the job commensurate with the salary/grade and job title. The job description will also be reviewed annually.


Date Prepared April 2014




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