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Mini Conference on Sustainable Local Food - Durham

FFT are very pleased to have been asked to speak this week at a mini conference hosted in Durham town hall about one of our most passionate topics, supporting local food.


As everyone will know sustainable locally sourced produce makes up some of our core values and ethos, and we are very honoured to share our experiences with Durham Local Authority, Durham NHS and Durham University.  This is closely linked to our recent visit to Sheffield Hallam University who hosted the 'Filling the Holiday Gap' conference, discussing how we can help under-nourished children during the school holidays when access to food for is more challenging. FFT have been running pilot 'sports and diet' projects during these summer months but they do need to be 'sustainable' - not solely reliant upon volunteer time - schools also need to be open during the summer - perhaps the logical answer is to look a similar projects involving an 'extended school' philosophy - with schools accessible over 52 weeks as opposed to the current 39 week model applicable in so many areas.


For more information regarding this please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Mike Carden or Tom Lambeth at FFT.