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20 "one pot" meals ideas 24/1/17


Good cooking does not have to be complicated.  The Guardian is looking at 20 of the best "one pot" meal ideas over the next few weeks, I will link them below for any parents or school staff wanting to have a try.

5 tips on how to reduce food waste at home. (16/01/2017)


The Independent website looks at ways to reduce food waste at home.

Cooking with Children Resources.


There is a vast array of information available for parents/carers looking to start cooking with children at home.  Below are some resources that might be helpful for making child friendly meals.

No evidence sugar-free soft drinks aid weight loss – study. 


We all know or should know by now that fizzy drinks contain a large amount of sugar.  These high sugar drinks are often linked to poor health and weight gain.  Now a new study has showed drinking the "diet" varieties do not aid weight loss contrary to what some people might believe.  The study goes on to discuss the impact on the local environment diet drink production can have.  The process to create one litre of fizzy drink requires between 150 and 300 litres of fresh water.

Kids devouring too much 'breakfast sugar' warning


Public health England have warned that children are consuming their daily allowance of sugar at breakfast.  The full report from the BBC can be read by clicking the link below.

It's time we give peas a chance.


Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, have spread their culinary influence to areas all over the world. They are featured prominently in Italian, Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.


Emine Saner writes about a food trend coming in 2017, predicting an increase use of chickpeas in place of meat.  Read the article by clicking the link below.