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Information for Schools taking part.

All FFT cookery lessons can be customised to suit individual school needs, taking into account resources available.


Cooking with children has many benefits:


Improved nutritional understanding – children see ingredients going into food and gain a better understanding of the raw ingredients that make up everyday dishes.


Improved motor skills – For early years children in particular, using a butter knife to cut vegetables helps with dexterity. This is beneficial for children that might not have had much exposure to cutlery at home and thus struggling at school.


Children are more likely to try new dishes – If schools are struggling to get children to try new dishes at lunch, making meals with new flavours can have a benefit. In my experience children are more likely to try new food they have made themselves helping to increase the range of food they will eat. It is vital that any progress would have to be reinforced during lunch by staff.  Working together we can stop children asking for "ham butties" everyday.


To ensure sessions run as smooth as possible it would help if all schools could provide basic information.


1 - how many children are taking part per session.

2 - The timings for all sessions - ensuring there is suitable time in between classes for cleaning and re-setting the room.

3 - If the school are able to provide any assistance on the day with spare staff or parents looking to get involved.

4 – The school catering team need to be kept informed of any plans that are in place. Depending on what we are making with the children, the catering team might want to change the menu for that day.

5 – All children need to wash their hands before joining us in the work area, aprons will be provided along with hats to ensure the risk is as low as can possibly be in regards to food safety.

6 – A recipe sheet will be sent to schools explaining all the ingredients and possible allergens before any cooking takes place. We can work around allergies ensuring all children can take part but we really need to be told a week in advance to organise ingredients.


Any Food for Thought School wanting to arrange Free cookery lessons for children or adults can contact me at